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Tuesday, November 11, 2014



Thursday, April 18, 2013

Emcee Logic - Lone Sword Holder (Produced by Absolute)

The First Single for The official Stray Dog and Duck soundtrack The Duck Tape is here folks! "Lone Sword Holder" Produced by Absolute with rhymes from myself (EmceeLogic)! The Duck Tape due out April 23rd!

I think its really cool intertwining my comic book characters and my music. They are both two things i am very passionate about. My musical content is primarily very reality based, but this is really the first time I  get to lyrically play around in my own fantasy universe. It takes a bit of pressure off of writing. I can kind of let loose and not take myself so seriously. But regardless if Im rapping about deeply personal experiences or a Samurai with a Duck as a best friend, I never use it as an excuse to lack lyrical prowess. I gotta come wit it either way!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The official Stray Dog and Duck readers musical companion soundtrack produced by Absolute, on the way!

Yes. This is EXACTLY what it looks like folks. How many of us love listening to music as we read our favorite comics? Of course, everybody does! So it is absolutely  a must that we give you an SD&D readers musical companion soundtrack! Oh you've never heard of anything like this being done before? Well, that's because its probably never been done before for a comicbook. Its completely original, produced by Absolute featuring the writer and artist of Stray Dog and Duck, myself. Of course you dont know what to expect, and that's the exciting part! Its Dropping Tuesday April 16th along with a new SD&D page post.... Boom! Stay sharp swordsmen.

Monday, February 4, 2013

SD&D returns THIS MONTH!

 These are the pencils to the cover to ISSUE #2. This ones going to be pretty hardcore folks! It picks up right where our Samurai/Duck duo left off...Which was if I remember correctly, brutally slaying two ninjas. Issue #2 gets grittier and more action packed as stray Dog is put to the ultimate test against the Crafty and Cunning Shadow Warrior "Sho"! Stay tuned!!

And dont forget to re-read up on issue #1  and get all the info on the characters of SD&D! Ya Gotta keep your katana's sharp!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beer and crappy Skeches week 3!

 Wow, its already week 3 of BEER AND CRAPPY SKETCHES folks and this week is a special one. Unfortunately week 2 has some how completely disappeared, and i have no way of recovering it. ehhh...but its a new week, so lets move forward!  The beer in this glass is legendary among me and my closest comrades. Its none other than the self proclaimed "Americas oldest brewery" beer Yuengling. Now, i completely LOVE this beer. I must of had 100 of gallons of this beer over the years and ive never gotten tired of it. Yuengling was the first beer outside of the regulars (Miller, Coors, Budweiser) that i really enjoyed. In essence, Yuengling was the start of my journey into trying different beers. And after years of trying all type of stuff i still love a good ol Yueng. It actually was my favorite beer for some time. Until i recently was re introduced to...Well, I'll save my favorite beer for another B&CS post ;)

Yuengling has a very smooth easy to get into taste but it definitely has its own personality too. The odd thing about this beer is i find that it taste drastically different depending on what you're drinking it in. depending on if you get it in a can, bottle or on tap it'll taste different. its kind of weird, maybe its just me, but its good either way. If you haven't had yourself a Yuengling what in sam hill are you waiting on?! Its just a damn good beer and sold just about everywhere, so get you a cold glass ASAP!

This little guy is the ultimate killing machine, SHO: Leader of the Oni Ninja Clan! Sho was inspired by The legendary martial arts movie star known to play bad ass ninjas, Sho Kosugi. He is also equally inspired by a character in one of my all time favorite video games "Rikimaru" from the PS1 game Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. Sho is actually my favorite Stray Dog and Duck character to draw. He's just so damn brutal and gritty!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stray Dog and Duck E-Comic!!!! coming SOON

Credit to my man Absolute for the music score. Twitter: @Absolute1120