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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beer and crappy Skeches week 3!

 Wow, its already week 3 of BEER AND CRAPPY SKETCHES folks and this week is a special one. Unfortunately week 2 has some how completely disappeared, and i have no way of recovering it. ehhh...but its a new week, so lets move forward!  The beer in this glass is legendary among me and my closest comrades. Its none other than the self proclaimed "Americas oldest brewery" beer Yuengling. Now, i completely LOVE this beer. I must of had 100 of gallons of this beer over the years and ive never gotten tired of it. Yuengling was the first beer outside of the regulars (Miller, Coors, Budweiser) that i really enjoyed. In essence, Yuengling was the start of my journey into trying different beers. And after years of trying all type of stuff i still love a good ol Yueng. It actually was my favorite beer for some time. Until i recently was re introduced to...Well, I'll save my favorite beer for another B&CS post ;)

Yuengling has a very smooth easy to get into taste but it definitely has its own personality too. The odd thing about this beer is i find that it taste drastically different depending on what you're drinking it in. depending on if you get it in a can, bottle or on tap it'll taste different. its kind of weird, maybe its just me, but its good either way. If you haven't had yourself a Yuengling what in sam hill are you waiting on?! Its just a damn good beer and sold just about everywhere, so get you a cold glass ASAP!

This little guy is the ultimate killing machine, SHO: Leader of the Oni Ninja Clan! Sho was inspired by The legendary martial arts movie star known to play bad ass ninjas, Sho Kosugi. He is also equally inspired by a character in one of my all time favorite video games "Rikimaru" from the PS1 game Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. Sho is actually my favorite Stray Dog and Duck character to draw. He's just so damn brutal and gritty!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stray Dog and Duck E-Comic!!!! coming SOON

Credit to my man Absolute for the music score. Twitter: @Absolute1120

Monday, October 29, 2012

Beer and Crappy sketches Week one!

So Swordsmen, every week ill be drinking beer!!! And Sketching!!!
Well, heres a bit of a explanation..

I LOVE beer. I LOVE drawing...So, i figured I'd pin the two together somehow. Its really simple. A different sketch a week, a different beer a week. There's no real correlation between the two, i just think they're both great. You guys leave comments like suggestions on beers and sketches for the next week and ill try to make it happen. Its just two great things pointlessly working together. simple right?

Sidenote, i remember reading somewhere years ago that Samurai were known to get completely wasted all throughout history. I know the legendary Samurai Uesugi Kenshin stayed slammed ALL OF THE TIME. He actually died from a life of heavy drinking.... hmm. promising.

This particular beer is called  Kirin Ichiban. Its a Japanese import beer. I figured I'd kick this off with a rising sun brew. If you like American Style light golden lagers, you'll like this. It has a very familiar taste if your from the U.S. not unlike a Miller or Coors. But If you're looking for the hard stuff Kenshin had back in the day, this isn't it. I  did enjoyed it though, despite It being a bit too familiar. I'm glad i picked it up nonetheless. Its a good way to put your friends on something new and foreign. But really, I was hoping for that type of brew Uesugi used to crack open.

The sketch is Duck of course...Or at least how he see's himself. drawn with a mechanical pencil and hb .7 graphite. That pencil is greatness by the way. If you dont have one, go to your local art store and ask for a "real" mechanical pencil. It'll change your life...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Out wit the old in wit the new Ish!!

Just one of the remastered pages and extras that will be in Stray Dog and Duck #1 this Holiday Season!!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The official Cover of Stray Dog and Duck Issue ONE!!

Due in Print THIS October!!!!!
Stray Dog and Duck!

The First Issue will include a TON of extras you cant get anywhere else but within the pages of SD&D! such as NEW PAGES, ORIGINAL AUTHOR ARTWORK AND MORE!!!!!
stay tuned for more on SD&D!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

SAMURAI SATURDAY'S: My personal journey of the sword

Samurai, the old warrior class of feudal Japan.  The word samurai literally translates into “to serve" and these warriors were willing to give their lives without a second thought in the name of service and honor while following a strict warrior code called “Bushido”.  I’ve always been really in to with the samurai culture but never before have I felt so connected with the samurai.

I was always amazed at the focus and fearlessness the samurai possessed. I’ve learned to adopt those traits and apply them to my own life. To establish a moral code, follow it without wavering. Be fearless in the midst of challenges. It’s either do or die. Do not be afraid of death or success. In fact look forward to both. Channel in and put everything you have into your passion, for it deserves nothing less. I’ve always held the samurai in great admiration. So I took it a step further and really immersed myself. I started SD&D and placed myself inside of the world and characters I created. Then I decided to take it even further.

I cut the Tsuka (handle)  from red oak. 
The blade was bound in the Tsuka the with screws.
Nothing is more important to a samurai than his sword. It was believed to be the very soul of the warrior who wielded it. So I recently decided to build my own sword. I honestly had little to no idea how to build one but I jumped right into it anyway. After strenuous work and step after step (and a lot of improvising), the sword actually turned out much, much better than I ever imagined. There was something very fulfilling about the actual process of crafting my very own samurai sword. It had a deeper meaning then just building a cool weapon.
hours of sanding the Saya(sheath). The Tsuka is wrapped with a white clothes line. lol
I Found this piece of wood randomly outside. I painted the Kanji symbol for "Earth"

I stained the Saya green by wiping a wet coat green acrylic paint off of it
The Ito (sheath wrap) are shoestrings from old Adidas

Ive heard and read about Japanese sword building being a very personal and fulfilling experience, but I never though that during the process id find a deep inner meaning in it all. Perhaps it was just completing something knowing I had no idea how to. Even if I did, i didn’t know how good it would actually turn out. I blindly dived into something, worked through all of the challenges on the fly and ended up with results I’m more then happy with. To me this sword represents achievement and perseverance. Sometimes you gotta just do it! Don’t think...just do. Be as fearless and focused as the samurai! All of your problems will eventually solve themselves if keep the goal in your mind.

I also made the sword display. 7 years ago in high school.
 the kanji symbols on the scabbard read: "Earth". That's the name I decided to give this bad boy.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Samurai Saturdays!!!: Building my Katana

 New webcomic post coming next Saturday swordsmen, but I do have something realllllly badass for you in the meantime.

So, of course Ive been into samurai for a loooooong time. Ever since i can remember being in to anything really. I remember always reading about how the sword itself was the soul of the samurai, and how the Japanese sword was the most powerful and efficient sword in the world. Ive always wanted one built to my liking but that cost literally thousands of dollars now a So why not attempt to build my own? After tireless sanding, sawing and screwing together (and a bit of improvising)  i finally have a surprisingly extremely sturdy piece of weaponry.

Now, im not finished by any means. there is still a lot of work to do. The Japanese sword isn't all about how efficient it is in combat (thought that Each sword is a piece of artwork. Visually stunning as much as it is a weapon. Right now i haven't much more than an ugly stick bounded to a blade. But the real fun comes in when i get to design and hand paint it to my unique artistic samurai liking. Once i get a few rough's out, add a few things and paint this bad boy all i'll need is a duck to follow me around while I slaughter lowlife bounty hunters and ill be all set!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Some rebel artwork to get you through the day!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The New SD&D Character Profiles!!

            The New stray Dog and Duck character profiles are up! New to the SD&D Web-comic? Read up on  the profiles to get familiar with the cast of the the most epic Samurai/Duck Web-comic in the land!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

New SD&D page+ Action figures with unnecessary motorcyles.LOL

I was Bored at work...I dont Know Im SORRY! My girl hit me with the Pokemon snap I look like Captain Molester.LOL

Whatsup Swordsmen?!
New Page post up on the site! See whats up with Stray Dog and Duck!

By the way, I was at work earlier, and saw an Iron man action figure on a motorcycle.

Now, we're all probably pretty familiar with every action figure known to man to have their own motorcycle (Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Batman). I guess its a toy thing.

 But WHY in the Tony Stark Hell does Iron Man need a Motorcycle?? He can fly and hover and shoot deadly hand blast energy out of his suit...

But wait!!! He needs a drive..on land...
That I imagine is at least 30 times slower than he actually is in the Iron man armor. LOL.

 To think they pulled the wool over my eyes for the entire decade of the 90's. Ha!
 Every action figure I owned had a sport bike.
 What the f*&K?? "Zooming fast action"??? haha!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Catwoman Drawing

This  was supposed to be just a quick pencil and ink, but i decided to do a bit more work to it. Now I kind of want to draw Batman... and the Joker...and possibly draw a Batman fan comic series.. I think I just started a revolution.Anyway, New SD&D post FRIDAY!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Face first in Dragonball's *FUNNY*

So swordsmen, as I strolled in to work today I immediately saw something hilarious. Although it was insanely funny, it kind of made me feel good about what I do.

Now, I walk into my job (Books-A-Million) Walk down the main isle, and to the left of me see a kid maybe around 12 or 13, knocked out face down in the biggest  stack of Dragon Ball Z comic's. HAHA. So being the guy I am, my first thought was to take a picture. The problem was, 1: I'm not supposed to have my phone while working the floor and 2: Id look a little crazy just snapping a picture of the kid in plain sight. Mind you, this kid was sleeping in the exact same position for well over 2 hours. I just knew I needed to get this photo but didn't know how was going to pull it off, until...

About and hour after I got to work, a few young ladies walk in, walk down the isle and immediately start laughing hysterically. I already knew what the deal was so i headed over to them. Then I ask while trying to hold my laugh in, "Could one of you snap a quick picture and send it to my phone?" Of course I expected them to say no but They all laughed, then one of the girls says "yea I'll do it!" Then she walks right in front of the kid, snaps it and immediately proceeded bust out laughing! Mission accomplished. The little guy didn't wake up for another hour and a half. Ha!

So thanks to the girls who just so happened to think getting this pic was as worth it as I did. I don't fault them for the blurriness on account of them laughing the entire time taking the picture ha ha. And big up's to the kid who was hardcore enough to fall asleep face first in the pages of Goku's epic shenanigans Lol. I long for the day someone falls asleep face first in the pages of Stray dog and Duck. Comics win yet again...

 He didn't move for 2+ hours....LOL!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Post tommorow+The most influential book I've ever read!

Whats up Swordsmen?? New Stray Dog and Duck post Tomorrow!!!! If you're not caught up with the adventures of SD&D, Head over to the site and Sharpen your sword!!!

So, were all familiar with the great works of Dr.Seuss, correct? I'm indeed well read in this man's work. Cat in the Hat, Green eggs and Ham, Fox in socks and the list goes on...But i was unfamiliar with a particular book of his until recently. Its called "Oh the Places you'll Go!". I picked it up off of one of the display tables at my job yesterday. I stood right in the middle of the store and read it cover to cover. It maybe took 5 minutes to read, but it was absolutely the best book Ive ever read!! Its like the blueprint for life's journey on the path to success. I expected it to be another one of Seuss's wacky stories full of shenanigans, but it REALLY, REALLY spoke to me. That rhythmic little colorful book tells you everything you need to know while trying to follow your dreams.

Once upon a time I made a decision to just GO for it. I mean dig deep within myself, grow a pair and follow my dreams. I dropped everything I was "supposed to be doing" and made a decision to take my life into my own hands, and try to figure this thing called happiness out. Now, of course that sound's courageous and maybe even admirable, but the reality is its a lot harder than it sounds. There is countless setbacks and hangups. Sometimes it feels like no one is on your side. There are days when you just don't know where to go, or what to do and just down right want to give in. The fact is, most of the challenge of making your dream's come true is surviving the nightmares. But there is nothing better than knowing its all a part of the dream itself. Those night's you feel its you against the world, or the time you really screwed up, or even lost sight of the goal for a while,  just ENDURE it. Persevere and be THAT much closer. You can do it if you just...DO IT. And Soon enough you'll be able to look back on it all and perhaps write an amazing book too...
Big thanks to the first Doctor I knew by name. ;)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Green Lantern, Nick Fury, Half of Spidey(lol), Now THIS! We have a Hell of a roster now lol.

I saw this in the bookstore I work at and thought it was pretty damn cool. I never thought Id see a Black Superman...and (wait for it) The brother is also the PRESIDENT! HA! This is Epic man.
 So i don't want to spoil anything, but from what I've read so far, on another Earth in an alternate universe this guy is Superman. For some reason Superman thinks Lex Luthor hates him because hes black , and even though he has absolutely no problem slaughtering millions of people from time to time, Luthor feels it important to let Superman know he isnt a racist and in fact only hates everything else about him. So hes cool with him being a brother, he just wants to completely murder him LOL. and theirs some more stuff about Luthor having some time machine and what not. Its really interesting so far and I cant wait to finish reading it!

But superheroes are cool no matter the color of their skin..Besides, most of them are in costumes anyway. I just think its cool to see them different shades from time to time. Why not? Don't we all deserve to to have superhuman strength, climb skyscrapers and beat the crap out of people with powerful alien rings????

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Hiatus is Over !

The Hiatus is over SWORDSMEN!!!!!  


Man, I really missed Stray Dog and Duck while i was away from them. Sometimes, life gets in the way and we just have to bump ourselves back on track. Out of the millions and millions of other interferences, problems, challenges and hindrances we just have to get focused again and take control. Get back in the game!

I recently read a great article from Comic Book Marketer Phil Hampton, who I consider a friend that has really helped me along since I started SD&D. The article titled, "How to Deal with Failure"  really gave me a boost to get back on track, regardless of whatever else may have been going on in life at the time.

P.S - The Avengers..... WOOOOOOW! 

They couldn't of pulled it off better.

 Look out for the new post!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

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