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Monday, October 29, 2012

Beer and Crappy sketches Week one!

So Swordsmen, every week ill be drinking beer!!! And Sketching!!!
Well, heres a bit of a explanation..

I LOVE beer. I LOVE drawing...So, i figured I'd pin the two together somehow. Its really simple. A different sketch a week, a different beer a week. There's no real correlation between the two, i just think they're both great. You guys leave comments like suggestions on beers and sketches for the next week and ill try to make it happen. Its just two great things pointlessly working together. simple right?

Sidenote, i remember reading somewhere years ago that Samurai were known to get completely wasted all throughout history. I know the legendary Samurai Uesugi Kenshin stayed slammed ALL OF THE TIME. He actually died from a life of heavy drinking.... hmm. promising.

This particular beer is called  Kirin Ichiban. Its a Japanese import beer. I figured I'd kick this off with a rising sun brew. If you like American Style light golden lagers, you'll like this. It has a very familiar taste if your from the U.S. not unlike a Miller or Coors. But If you're looking for the hard stuff Kenshin had back in the day, this isn't it. I  did enjoyed it though, despite It being a bit too familiar. I'm glad i picked it up nonetheless. Its a good way to put your friends on something new and foreign. But really, I was hoping for that type of brew Uesugi used to crack open.

The sketch is Duck of course...Or at least how he see's himself. drawn with a mechanical pencil and hb .7 graphite. That pencil is greatness by the way. If you dont have one, go to your local art store and ask for a "real" mechanical pencil. It'll change your life...

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