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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Face first in Dragonball's *FUNNY*

So swordsmen, as I strolled in to work today I immediately saw something hilarious. Although it was insanely funny, it kind of made me feel good about what I do.

Now, I walk into my job (Books-A-Million) Walk down the main isle, and to the left of me see a kid maybe around 12 or 13, knocked out face down in the biggest  stack of Dragon Ball Z comic's. HAHA. So being the guy I am, my first thought was to take a picture. The problem was, 1: I'm not supposed to have my phone while working the floor and 2: Id look a little crazy just snapping a picture of the kid in plain sight. Mind you, this kid was sleeping in the exact same position for well over 2 hours. I just knew I needed to get this photo but didn't know how was going to pull it off, until...

About and hour after I got to work, a few young ladies walk in, walk down the isle and immediately start laughing hysterically. I already knew what the deal was so i headed over to them. Then I ask while trying to hold my laugh in, "Could one of you snap a quick picture and send it to my phone?" Of course I expected them to say no but They all laughed, then one of the girls says "yea I'll do it!" Then she walks right in front of the kid, snaps it and immediately proceeded bust out laughing! Mission accomplished. The little guy didn't wake up for another hour and a half. Ha!

So thanks to the girls who just so happened to think getting this pic was as worth it as I did. I don't fault them for the blurriness on account of them laughing the entire time taking the picture ha ha. And big up's to the kid who was hardcore enough to fall asleep face first in the pages of Goku's epic shenanigans Lol. I long for the day someone falls asleep face first in the pages of Stray dog and Duck. Comics win yet again...

 He didn't move for 2+ hours....LOL!

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