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Saturday, May 26, 2012

New SD&D page+ Action figures with unnecessary motorcyles.LOL

I was Bored at work...I dont Know Im SORRY! My girl hit me with the Pokemon snap I look like Captain Molester.LOL

Whatsup Swordsmen?!
New Page post up on the site! See whats up with Stray Dog and Duck!

By the way, I was at work earlier, and saw an Iron man action figure on a motorcycle.

Now, we're all probably pretty familiar with every action figure known to man to have their own motorcycle (Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Batman). I guess its a toy thing.

 But WHY in the Tony Stark Hell does Iron Man need a Motorcycle?? He can fly and hover and shoot deadly hand blast energy out of his suit...

But wait!!! He needs a drive..on land...
That I imagine is at least 30 times slower than he actually is in the Iron man armor. LOL.

 To think they pulled the wool over my eyes for the entire decade of the 90's. Ha!
 Every action figure I owned had a sport bike.
 What the f*&K?? "Zooming fast action"??? haha!

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