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Saturday, July 14, 2012

SAMURAI SATURDAY'S: My personal journey of the sword

Samurai, the old warrior class of feudal Japan.  The word samurai literally translates into “to serve" and these warriors were willing to give their lives without a second thought in the name of service and honor while following a strict warrior code called “Bushido”.  I’ve always been really in to with the samurai culture but never before have I felt so connected with the samurai.

I was always amazed at the focus and fearlessness the samurai possessed. I’ve learned to adopt those traits and apply them to my own life. To establish a moral code, follow it without wavering. Be fearless in the midst of challenges. It’s either do or die. Do not be afraid of death or success. In fact look forward to both. Channel in and put everything you have into your passion, for it deserves nothing less. I’ve always held the samurai in great admiration. So I took it a step further and really immersed myself. I started SD&D and placed myself inside of the world and characters I created. Then I decided to take it even further.

I cut the Tsuka (handle)  from red oak. 
The blade was bound in the Tsuka the with screws.
Nothing is more important to a samurai than his sword. It was believed to be the very soul of the warrior who wielded it. So I recently decided to build my own sword. I honestly had little to no idea how to build one but I jumped right into it anyway. After strenuous work and step after step (and a lot of improvising), the sword actually turned out much, much better than I ever imagined. There was something very fulfilling about the actual process of crafting my very own samurai sword. It had a deeper meaning then just building a cool weapon.
hours of sanding the Saya(sheath). The Tsuka is wrapped with a white clothes line. lol
I Found this piece of wood randomly outside. I painted the Kanji symbol for "Earth"

I stained the Saya green by wiping a wet coat green acrylic paint off of it
The Ito (sheath wrap) are shoestrings from old Adidas

Ive heard and read about Japanese sword building being a very personal and fulfilling experience, but I never though that during the process id find a deep inner meaning in it all. Perhaps it was just completing something knowing I had no idea how to. Even if I did, i didn’t know how good it would actually turn out. I blindly dived into something, worked through all of the challenges on the fly and ended up with results I’m more then happy with. To me this sword represents achievement and perseverance. Sometimes you gotta just do it! Don’t think...just do. Be as fearless and focused as the samurai! All of your problems will eventually solve themselves if keep the goal in your mind.

I also made the sword display. 7 years ago in high school.
 the kanji symbols on the scabbard read: "Earth". That's the name I decided to give this bad boy.


  1. This is awesome man. I love how your sword turned out and I also love the reading material you have surrounding it. Also, after browsing thru your site, i'm interested in reading your comic when it comes out. I'd actually love to review a copy for my site.- Sang Frais( Nerds With Passports)

  2. Thank you K.V! I really appreciate the comment. you have no idea! Id love for you to do a review! The webcomic is actually online now . Im not sure if you review web-comics, But it will be in print very very soon as well. Perhaps we can arrange to have one or two mailed to you for your site? that would be epic. thanks again. ill be sure to check your site out!